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What is a ghost producer? Exploring the role in EDM

Well, in the digital age custom ghost-produced EDM tracks that suit your specific personal needs are just a few clicks away. Ghost producing EDM music is becoming more popular and accessible, and lot's of people are taking advantage of that. Whether buying edm or selling music, ghost-producing is both lucrative and beneficial. Which leads us to the question:

What is a ghost producer?

Put simply, a ghost producer is someone who makes music for other people, without getting their name put on the final product. Much like ghostwriters, they get commissioned to collaborate on a project, and when they are done, they give full credit and licence to the person who ordered it. This is because of the high demand for music that is both ready-made and of high sound quality, so that it can easily be used in all sorts of different professional media like films, television commercials, radio or video games. 

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? You can read all about what it takes to get started in making ghost-produced EDM in our blog article.

Why use a ghost producer?

Sometimes DJs are on a constant string of touring gigs and they simply cannot find the time to spend in the studio to work on new tracks. This is where the ghost producer comes in to save the day – they can be hired to tweak, finish or even produce complete ready-made tracks in the artist's distinctive style in order to satisfy the needs of the fans while the DJ is busy performing. 

Another great reason to use a ghost producer is if you are an aspiring EDM music maker that is still learning their craft and is not yet technically proficient, then collaborating with one can be a beneficial learning experience, where they can use musical elements you've made and make them into professional quality finished products. Or you could be a DJ with a strong sense of musical curation who can't work with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), but you know exactly the type of track you need to astound the audience at your next live set.

What are some examples of ghost-produced tracks?

In recent years many DJs and artists have used the services of different ghost producers and even famous stars such as Martin Garrix, KSHMR and Ashley Wallbridge have admitted to have been ghost producers, writing music anonymously for others. There are also a number of classic EDM hits throughout the years that have been known or claimed to be ghost produced, with some of the most notable examples being:

Nevertheless, the utility of ghost production services are not limited to the EDM scene as many game developers, advertisement agencies, bloggers, YouTubers and movie production companies are looking for a way to quickly buy music for their projects, without having to deal with licensing contracts or paying royalties and splitting profits.

How do you pick a ghost producer?

A successful collaboration flourishes on having a similar musical sensibility. In other words – you have to vibe with the ghost producer’s music to buy it or collaborate with them successfully. Having a similar taste for music helps guide the entire process and the stylistic blend that happens when the creative juices of both people start to flow. You can check out our EDM ghost production marketplace to find the artists that are most similar to your musical approach.

Another important note: a ghost producer should not disclose the names of their previous clients, as it is a breach of confidentiality, nor should they sell the same track twice. This tarnishes its exclusivity – once it's sold, it's sold.

How much does a ghost-produced EDM track cost? 

The price of a ghost-produced EDM track depends on a few different factors. Ready-made tracks usually cost less than custom commissions. With the latter, it depends on the work’s complexity, how long and layered it is, and how much time the ghost producer has spent working on it. If original elements have to be specially recorded for the project, then that will add to the cost of the custom made EDM track, because it extends the production process. Even then, some projects are more straightforward, while others more complex. It's all a matter of working it out with the right expert and hiring the right ghost producer, though you can get an approximation when viewing their profile. 

How do you licence ghost-produced EDM music?

It's simple – you buy it! That's the whole idea. When you buy/order ghost-produced EDM music, you hold the exclusive rights and claim authorship of it. This is in contrast with the common way of co-producing/writing, where all the people who’ve worked on a piece of music get royalties from it. Here this is not the case – once a ghost producer's music is bought they forfeit any claim to it, and sometimes sign a NDA or other confidentiality agreement with the client artist. They get paid only once when the track is sold.

The ghost production process

Ghost Producing EDM Music

The process of ghost producing EDM music is much like that of any other genre, where the producer manages all the elements of the project: they do the beatmaking and arranging, the mixing and mastering (more on that further down), or even recording instruments or vocals. Whatever the track needs, they make it happen. In that sense the only difference between what ghost producers are and the typical ones is that they remain behind the voile, as their partnership is confidential and they get paid per project and don't get the usual royalties.

Mixing and Mastering

In order to deliver a professional quality EDM track, the ghost producer must be able to mix and master it, but there is often a bit of confusion between those two aspects of music making. Mixing refers to the process of balancing the different components of the music: drums, harmony, vocals, etc. to make it both dynamic and pleasant to listen to. This is why different producers can re-mix those different elements to give a fresh and exciting take on a track. Mastering on the other hand, is a way of tweaking the entire mix to sculpt it as a whole, like giving a piece of jewellery a last polish before selling it. 

Both of these elements ensure that the quality of the finished product is of professional standards, which is important for the artists who want to buy the ghost-produced EDM tracks, as they want to get something that they can purchase and play, without having to lay on the finishing touches.

Ghost producing on Edmwarriors

As the largest online EDM ghost-producing marketplace, Edmwarriors is the home of over a thousand talented and professional ghost producers, who work with a passion for their craft. Here you can easily browse their profiles and find the tracks you connect with the most. What is included in the price is the original professional quality uncompressed master track, a mixdown mp3 file and, of course, the DAW project file, along with all the different stems, which offers an infinite amount of artistic possibilities! The music can be extended, reshaped, rearranged, chopped up and reassembled in all sorts of creative ways. 

Our platform also lets you talk to the producers directly and give them feedback and exchange creative ideas that will help your custom EDM tracks stand out in the club or online! We also have the Behind the Project feature, where you can see inside the original DAW project and get a better sense of it.


Contrary to its name, ghost-producing is not scary at all. It's a collaborative and useful service that can be of benefit for aspiring DJs and musicians. So be a ghost producer, be ghost produced and make the floor rumble and the walls shake.

Jun 22 2023
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