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Presenting our newest feature - Behind the project ™

We are very proud to present to you our new unique feature Behind the project ™ that has been implemented on both our EDMwarriors and Piratebeats platforms. This new feature, designed to benefit both producers and customers, offers a better insight into the process and workflow behind every track and beat uploaded by our numerous ghost producers. Potential customers will now have a better glimpse of a track’s specifics, from the number of bass layers the project has to the exact model of guitar that the producer used to record the intro riff. 

All tracks and beats on our sites will now be divided into three different categories, based on the way they were created:

Type A - Full-made tracks: in this type of tracks, all melodic and harmonic elements, as well as the arrangement, are 100% original and made by the producer. There have been no royalty free loops used to create any part of the instrumentation, with the only exception being support drum loops (such as claps, shakers, top loops, etc). You can see an example of how looks a Full-made track here.

Type B - Complete-made tracks: in this type of tracks, the base (chords and melodies) is original and made by the producer, but there are some royalty free loops that complement the arrangement, such as vocal chops, guitar loops, bass wobbles, glitch effects, etc. This is the standard in which many producers work and in a project you will most probably find original MIDI files, but also some melodic loops.

Type C - Partial-made tracks: this is the category for tracks made only with royalty free melodic loops. The producer alters, modifies and fits them into the track, resulting in an original arrangement. The use of construction kits, third party track templates, or using loops “as they are” is not allowed. If any customer buys a track and then receives a copyright strike, because a loop has not been edited, the producer is likely to be held responsible and be asked for a refund.

In case a track  contains melodic loops, the producer will now have to provide info on them that will appear alongside the track on the platforms. The info will be structured as follows:

- Type of instrument (bass, guitar, piano, synths, etc.);

- Name of sample pack (for example ‘Cymatics - Chaos’);

- Name of loop (for example ’CymaticsChaosBassF#9).

The producers will also have the opportunity to include more detailed information, in a commercial way, about the way their tracks were made and let his potential customers in on the different approaches and techniques used for this track.

The reasoning behind the creation of this new feature is that, we as one of the leading ghost production platforms, always strive to provide an optimal user experience for both our producers and customers. This also significantly increases the security on our websites as there will now be no possibility that fraudulent tracks make their way into the My Ghost Market platforms. Transparency will no more be an issue as all customers will now know exactly what they are purchasing and will have a better understanding of the track before deciding to buy it. We as a platform will also check very carefully if all of the provided loop and project info is correct. We are the first and only ghost producing website to implement such a feature and this is going to significantly increase user experience and safety on our platform, while also bringing producers and customers closer.

Jan 28 2021
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Edmwarriors Team