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Why hire a ghost producer?

A commonly asked question is  ‘Why would anybody buy ghost produced music, instead of producing their own?’. Well, while there is no short answer to this question, there are a lot of situations in which someone would need to hire a ghost producer. For example, many touring DJs may not necessarily always have enough time on their hands to produce and release a good track every other month. Or maybe you are just starting out as a producer and want to quickly begin releasing music and build your portfolio, while also using this as an opportunity to learn different techniques from the projects that you buy along with the tracks.

Then there is also the possibility that a company, a game developer, an agency, or even a youtuber may need some exclusive music for them to use in their commercials, games and videos. 

When hiring a ghost producer you will not have to worry about sharing any profits or royalties as you will own 100% of the rights to the track you have bought. This means you only have to pay a fee once, instead of splitting profits with other people forever. There is also a significantly smaller amount of legal troubles as you do not need to deal with licensing deals of any sort.

Any ghost producer you see on our platform has his own unique and exclusive catalog of tracks or beats, which you can directly buy from the site, while some of them also offer a custom track service, so that you can get perfect custom made songs for your needs. 

Buying ghost production is really the easiest and fastest way to purchase music and use it instantly for your needs. You just pay a set fee for the track and own it completely and indefinitely. 

In case you are unsure about where to look for ghost production to buy, our Edmwarriors platform is the perfect place to start.

Aug 24 2021
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Martin Nikolov
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