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I was born on December 10, 1999, I was born in a low class home, in fact, I did not have enough resources to give me luxuries. I grew up in a world full of joy, like any child in his childhood, I never regret having one of the best times of my life, I met great people that little by little were influencing in my various tastes for many things, food, clothes, fashion and music. Fruit of this is my great passion for music, many people told me that I always liked only electronic music, it's a long story, I started listening and well until today I am very passionate about genres like Rock, Rock and Roll, Alternative Rock, Etc, this genre was one of the first to come into my life, then in the passage of time I was discovering new genres and so I liked Pop, Ballads and soft songs of that time

by Skarleth
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128 BPM
Astronaut S.C.I Drum and bass, Electro House, Moombahton