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What is Ghost Production: Beginner’s Guide for Music Producers

Discover now the meaning and importance of ghost production in the music industry with our beginner's guide for music producers. Learn how ghost producers create high-quality music for popular genres and artists, remaining anonymous and working only in the background. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of ghost production and find out how these producers make a killing. If you're a curious music fan or aspiring producer, immerse yourself in the industry and discover what it's all about.

What is Ghost Production: Beginner’s Guide for Music Producers

Have you heard of the term "ghost production" in both music and many other industries? If you're a music producer, you may be familiar with this concept, but if you're not, you may wonder: what does it mean? In this beginner's guide, we will take a look at the meaning and importance of ghost production, how it works, what its benefits are, how these producers make a killing sound, and how you can become one. Whether you are a curious music fan or an aspiring producer, immerse yourself in the industry and discover what it's all about.

Ghost Production Meaning: What is ghost production?

And what exactly does a ghost producer mean: this is a producer who creates music attributed to another person. They are often used to write music for popular genres, artists, bands, or brands. These artists remain anonymous and work only in the background, not seeking to be the center of attention. As the music industry becomes more demanding of artists and acts, most industry professionals are getting some form of help for their music.

Ghost Production in Music 

Ghost producers in music are very popular in various styles such as EDM and pop music. These genres require very high-quality producers to stand out from the thousands of other musical works on the market. 

Again, this is where professional and skilled artists who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this industry play a vital role. With their help, some of the most liked and popular hits are created, helping the artists use their services to be a notch above the rest. The topic of producers in the shadows is becoming more and more commented on by critics and fans of this industry. Although they are criticized, we cannot help but feel that they play a very big role in today's music business.

Importance of the topic in the music industry

The topic of ghost producers is very important to the music business for several reasons. Once you know exactly what ghost production means you may be aware that many of the songs played on the radio and in clubs are made by that kind of artist. They can play a big role for the artists themselves. With their help, they can spend much of their time out of the studio focused on another type of expression of their creativity. This way they have more freedom to be able to develop. 

How does ghost production work?

Ghost producers use different methods, playing different roles when working with artists depending on their experience and knowledge. As these artists move up the experience ladder, they adopt different practices and strategies to find clients. 

In the beginning, these producers most often start by approaching artists individually, applying a strategy to market their work. The direct route to promotion involves introducing artists to their work by sending them a rich portfolio with a large list of their work. 

Mid-level artists rely on both attraction and promotion strategies to promote their work. Producers who have begun to carve a niche, thereby gaining industry recognition, sometimes turn to contractors. They also engage in active submissions and networking to find new and larger clients.

Advanced-level ghost makers are established and well-known names in the industry. These producers are approached by high-profile clients given the value they provide. At this stage, artists pitch projects to ghost producers based on the unique flavor they bring. The best way for customers to find quality products, and for the artists themselves to sell their work, is to make good use of platforms like Edmwarriors.

Wondering what is like to be a ghost producer? Read our article on A day of a ghost producer.

Ghost producers and their work

Often referred to as "EDM's most famous ghost producer",Maarten Vorwerk has been instrumental in the rapid spread of the festival house sound. However, his Dutch electro-house roots date back to the turn of the millennium when he released an official remix of the cold classic "Satisfaction". Vorwerk is known for not DJing, preferring to stay in the studio and create bangers. Who can blame him?

One of the first artists to release a sample pack on Splice, Niles Hollowell-Dhar has been widely recognized as an outstanding sound designer and producer for over a decade. However, casual EDM fans may not know that he was a member of The Cataracs, the production team behind one of the 2010s most popular releases, Far East Movements Like a G6. A few years later, he launched his own solo career under the name KSHMR, but after his debut, he preferred to remain anonymous for a while.

Young prodigy Martin Garrix may be one of the most heartbreaking success stories in the world of ghost productions. In his own words:

“I made a ghost production for somebody else — I can’t tell you which track I made — but this track got signed to Spinnin’ Records and became really big. They found out that I made it, and so they invited me to their office and I played them my other stuff — and we signed.”

This was Garrix's big break, who then released "Animals" with Spinnin', the track that made him a household name. Who knows what direction his career might have taken if selling his services as a ghost producer hadn't connected him with the label?

Advantages and disadvantages of ghost production 

There are advantages and disadvantages to producing ghosts. On the one hand, ghost producers are able to support themselves financially without having to worry about getting noticed or developing a following. For those producers who would rather keep their identities a secret and avoid attracting attention, this is useful. Also, they free up time and resources for established musicians to release more songs. Ghost producers, on the other hand, maybe immoral because they undermine the reputation of legitimate producers. Because they are unable to use their work as a portfolio, this can hurt their standing and reputation. However, because they frequently work under strong secrecy agreements, these artists are unable to openly discuss or display their work, which can restrict their possibilities.

The legality of ghost production & The Example of Edmwarriors

The legality of ghost production is a complex topic that varies depending on the specific situation. Although there are no laws that explicitly prohibit ghost production, a ghost producer can be held liable for violating copyright rules if he does not receive fair payment for his work or if it is used without his consent. In some cases, contracts may need to be drawn up to ensure that everyone is informed of their rights and obligations. 

Legal work is one of the main reasons why the most talented music ghost producers prefer to use Edmwarriors which offers a range of services to its clients and great new ways to sell their EDM tracks. Perhaps one of the most on-the-go is a wide selection of ghost producers, finished pieces, some mixing as well as marketing support. The platform guarantees 100% afftor rights to the tracks purchased by customers. For this, it is one of the most preferred.

How to become a ghost producer?

There is no single best way to become a ghost maker. Most often, it's something producers do for a long time in their careers or as a side business. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of becoming a successful ghost producer.

When considering how to go about ghost-producing, you should first be confident in your abilities. Without a portfolio, this is impossible. Initially producing your own tracks can be a great way to show another producer your abilities. You should also be used to being completely original in your work. Creativity is the main and most important thing in ghost-producing. Without the ability to create original songs on your own, you won't be able to do it for someone else.

Finally, it's important to be professional, reliable, and easy to work with to build a good reputation in the industry.

Tips for getting started

In the following lines, we will give you guidelines on what you should do before becoming a ghost producer:

Choose the right equipment for music producing

To start producing music, you will need a digital audio workstation (DAW), which is the software used for recording, production, mixing, and mastering. Additionally, a MIDI controller is a vital piece of equipment that allows communication between physical hardware and your DAW. Lastly, investing in a pair of studio headphones, which have a neutral sound, is important for making effective tracks.

Watch and learn from the best

If you've already chosen your genre to keep an eye out and listen to the best and semi-polar songs to stay on top of what's happening in it. Watch and learn from the best producers in that genre. A great way to stay updated is to follow EDMWarriors’ blog and social media channels where we post the latest trends in producing and how-to tutorials. 

About to make your first song

Once you've chosen your genre and are about to make your first song or have a number of products, make sure they are fresh enough but at the same time recognizable. You can use ready-made sample packs to help you get started, but for the future, try to showcase your talent so you can leave your own mark on your product. 

Research the competition 

Use your free time to research the competition so you can build yourself up over time to be a step up from most of the ghost producers. Research what sets the most popular performers apart from the crowd and start emulating them.

Put your track on sale on a ghost-producing marketplace

Once you have a finished product you can put it on sale on a ghost-producing marketplace like Edmwarriors to see if it's good enough for your audience. If you have success with it then you are on the right track and keep developing in the same direction. Follow our top tips for What to consider when publishing your music.

Improve your sounds based on your client’s feedback

Getting feedback from customers is an essential part of the music making process. It allows you to improve your sound and adapt it to their specific needs. Taking their feedback into consideration and making the necessary adjustments to your tracks can lead to more satisfied customers and greater success in the industry.

Conclusion on Ghost Production: A Brief Summary for Music Producers

You already know what ghost prodding means, and as a summation of all that, we can say that they play a big role in the music business, and their role in it is undeniable. These figures are very much a rage in genres such as EDM and pop music because in these styles there is a large guide of a large number of suckers in a short period of time. Whether you are just a music lover or a current or future artist, it is important to understand the importance of these producers and the work they do and market.

Jun 14 2023
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