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What happens during the day of a ghost producer?

So now that we know what a ghost producer is, maybe it is time to take a look at what such producers would usually do on a daily basis.

As you probably have already guessed most ghost producers are working as freelancers, which means they are completely in charge of making (and following) their daily schedule and are able to decide if or when they want to work or not. A ghost producer does not normally have set working shifts and is free to produce at all times of the day, maybe the wish to work at night when it is quiet, or maybe very early in the morning, but either way they are able to set their own working times.

There are also no rules about how many tracks a ghost producer makes each month and what is more there are no actual deadlines when it comes to submitting their tracks to the online platform they use for selling.

To give you an idea of what may happen during a normal day in the life of a ghost producer we have asked some of our top sellers to tell us how their typical day goes by:

“During the day I try to learn new music production skills, some DAW tricks or even learn how to make amazing spaghetti (to me improvement is essential, no matter in what)... In the afternoon some work out to stay a little healthy, and then I get a break because during the night I produce (the silence of the night makes it the best time to produce. my neighbours probably don't think the same).”

“The best thing about being a ghost producer is the fact I can choose my own ''working'' days, even though I don't see this as work since it's my favorite hobby to do. Every producer knows the feeling of not having the inspiration to produce. 

When this happens I can simply lay back and just pull myself back for a week or so. When I feel like the inspiration is back up I simply hop in and start producing again. Also being a ghost-producer can be easily combined with your normal job,

just keep it all easy so you don't get yourself in stressed situations. “

“Usually I start my day very early in the morning, listening to new music as much as possible because it's important to be updated with new trends, especially as a ghost producer.

Then, I start a new session after feeling inspired and the magic happens! “

“I set goals for myself in a matter of day-by-day work. At least every week I need to have a new song ready, if not one, two new songs. I wake up early and start work. As it is a job that does not involve obligations of hours at work, I give my maximum every day to conquer what I define as a goal.”

You can check these and many more ghost producers on our platform Edmwarrios simply by clicking here.

Jun 8 2021
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