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Introducing GhostVocals™ - The newest feature of My Ghost Market

We, My Ghost Market,  as one of the leading music production platforms, always strive to create the best user experience for both our producers and our customers in order to help them to develop their music careers, which is why we have introduced this innovative new vocal feature.

We understand the amount of multiple-use royalty free vocals out there is limited and this sometimes leads to many tracks having the same acapella over and over again, taking away from the uniqueness and exclusivity of the music. For this reason we have been working with many vocalists to create our own extensive library of exclusive, original and unique vocals limited to one copy, which are now ready on Edmwarriors waiting to have a placement in your new track. You now have the opportunity to purchase music with unique, one use only acapellas, without having to look for and book session vocalists separately on other sites and having to pay a large amount in the process. 

We can guarantee a high standard when it comes to the vocal, as we only work with professional vocalists directly hired by our company, in an industry standard studio environment, being all the recording session, mixing and legal process carried out by My Ghost Market staff, without intermediaries.

What’s included?

1. Edited, mixed and tuned dry and wet wav versions (including the group and the layers).

2. You own all the rights both for the composition and the record. 

3. You will receive a valid Transfer of Rights agreement document that verifies their ownership of the vocal.

4. Lyrics.

5. Support 24/7; we store all the raw files and the project files in case you need assistance.

This new feature will be implemented on Edmwarriors in a couple of ways:

1. Users can go to our marketplace GhostVocals™, browse through all our acapellas catalog and purchase the vocal that best fits their track.

2. It’s also possible to get tracks on Edmwarriors plus your favorite vocals, resulting in a new track with original vocals, being able to browse all the available vocals when you are in the Cart page. Also by adding the "Vocal track mix and remaster service” addon, our team will take care of putting the track and vocal together, mixing and mastering them again, offering the final track files to you without having to worry to send the files to an engineer.

3. Customers will now have the unique option to purchase custom tracks with original vocals from their favourite producer without the necessity to worry if they are able to secure a vocalist for this service or not. Buyers will be able to pick the exclusive acapella from our catalog and then the producer will start creating the track around it.

4. Premium tracks with exclusive vocals will also be added to the Edmwarriors catalog and customers will be able to purchase these already made original vocal tracks directly and instantly.

Stay tuned. We will be constantly working to keep releasing packs on a monthly basis, organizing weekly study sessions to ensure that you can reach out new packs. 

It’s time to impress the labels with your original vocal tracks!

Jun 25 2021
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Edmwarriors Team