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Chat implemented
Get all rights and royalties
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+1000 producers available
File share cloud implemented
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Unlimited revisions

Production without limits

Whatever your needs, there will be a ghost producer to get it done. We are ready to help you with all your production and ghost production needs. All services. All genres. All DAWs. Just ask for it and get ready for the performance.

Future house
Electro house
Depp house
Progressive house
First milestone STEP 1 Master file STEP 2 Second milestone STEP 3 Check all files STEP 4 Rate the experience STEP 5 NDA & Rights agreement STEP 6 Project finished STEP 7

Revolutionary process

Work with the most advanced ghost production platform with easy on-the-go messaging and file share cloud to take your project to the next level. We have designed a supreme step-by-step process to ensure that the work is carried out successfully. Stay in touch with your ghost producer whenever you have questions, updates, or have something to share. Always know what's going on with your project, what is getting done, and what still needs doing.


Safe and secure

Each ghost producer pass ID verification
Signed transfer of Rights agreement
Ghost production NDA
Secure milestone Payment system - release payments according to a schedule settled goals, or pay only upon completion. You are in control, so you get to make decisions.

TOP Ghost production services

We've got you covered for all your production needs, you just need to choose your perfect option from unrivaled ghost production pro’s, trusted by the world's biggest labels. Find an infinite catalogue of ghost producers to choose from based on your needs and tastes, ensuring quality and efficiency for all pockets.

EDM Producer/Studying at the "Herman Brood Academy" in the Netherlands/   Producing for some of the biggest names in the industry/   My ghost productions got signed to Spinnin Records (main label), Revealed Recordings, and more /


If you want a work with originality and quality, talk to me. Follow me to follow my new releases. "One of the fastest growing producers on the platform, be sure to get to know my work"


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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different as a custom ghost production platform?

Our platform represents the vanguard, being the first and only platform for custom ghost production, providing the best freelance technology focused exclusively on ghost production. The freedom to offer services, with which any producer can register in 5 minutes and establish his own shop, and the transparency of our internal work process, makes our platform an extraordinary place to develop your projects in a high level environment.

Can I choose the ghost producer?

Yes, if there’s one thing our platform stands out for, is its variety. We are the only platform for custom ghost production so we act as a large window for most producers. Take a look and browse through all our high-skilled ghost producers available, there are choices to suit all tastes, genres and budgets.

Can I get involved in the project?

Of course, thanks to our technology you will be part of the process in first person, you can have unlimited contact and chat with the producer to get constant updates on the progress of your track, working hand in hand with him through our internal messaging system, from which you can guide by providing indications, changes and references, in addition to sending and receiving all types of files through our file share cloud implemented. A whole set of tools that will ensure that the outcome of the project is a success.

What if I don’t like the demo?

No problem, if you don’t like the first demo, you can request the producer for a new demo and revise it until you’ll be 100% satisfied. The demo will be reviewed without limits until the result fully meets your expectations. You as a client also have responsibility in the project, taking into account that the demo will be made specifically based on your ideas and references, you have to support a successful project, otherwise the My Ghost Market team could consider that the client is abusing our "unlimited revisions" advice.

What files can I get?

All producers will offer at least the mixed and mastered track package, ready for label and radio release which includes: WAV & MP3 Master File, Wav Mixdown File and Wav Stems (individual track files). Also each ghost producer may offer additional gigs in which they include files like the project file, midi files, radio edit version and more types of files and services. Check the description of the ghost production or production service to obtain all the offer of the producer, if still you need information with respect to a specific service or file, contact us and we will give you the required information.

Can I contact the producer before ordering?

You can’t contact the producer directly before placing an order, but you can contact us if you need information of any kind about a producer you are interested in. It is very common to ask questions about available files, technical production aspects or services offered that don’t appear on the producer’s page.

What can I do with the track i’ve bought?

When you order a custom ghost production service, you receive all the right of exploitation, distribution, reproduction, sharing and transformation of the track, under an unique and exclusive license, definitely, unlimited and irreversibly. You become the sole and exclusive owner of the track, it means that you may use the track in whichever way you want, you can present yourself as the owner and exploit it commercially and you don’t need to credit and put the producer’s name in the title.

Is our deal confidential?

Yes, all the producers working on our ghost production platform have accepted our terms and conditions – it means that they are legally obliged to comply with our confidentiality agreement.