By Slimer

Behind the project ™

Complete-made track
The base is original from the producer (chords and melodies), but is complemented with elements that complement the song that come from samplepacks, usually, vocal chops, guitars, wobbles sections, glitch effects. It is the standard in which most of producers work, in a project you will find MIDI files made by the producer, but also melodic loops.
Process note
808 Kick, Bass and 909 Kit Drums By Ableton. MIDI: by Operator (Bass), by Massive,Kontakt,Minimogg and Wavetable melodies and pads. more Pads by Elektron A4 Mk1 plus an externat plugin from Ableton (MIDI), Main Melody MALIMBA is coming by Deep Tech Pharmacy Loop Library. The Atmo Vox is coming by Vibe Residents Ft Dragonfly - The Djs Calling Me, just a small part. The Track has got a great groove were you can easy create and interesting tracks.
Melodic loops
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Instrument MARIMBA
Sample pack Deep Tech Pharmacy Loop Library


ID #7987
Name Marimbaness
Author Slimer
Price 200€
DAW Ableton
Project For sale for 60€
Genres House, Deep house, Tropical House
BPM 122
Info Nice Summer Tropical Track


Mastered version
Unmastered version (mixdown)
All Stem files (.wav)
Project file of Ableton (addon for sale)

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