Tesla Bot (Techno)

Tesla Bot (Techno)

By Skuo

Behind the project ™

Partial-made track
The track has been made 100% with free royalty use loops. The producer alters, modifies and fits them into the track, resulting in a completely new and original track. The use of constructions kits, templates and loops "as they are", are not allowed. A Partially-made track with loops implies that the loops has been modified enough to result in a completely original track.
Process note
Melodic parts of track has been made using one shots.
Melodic loops
1 of 1
Instrument Bass
Sample pack FL - Techno Expedition
Loop name FL_TEX_Bass_One_Shot_11_C


ID #9461
Name Tesla Bot (Techno)
Author Skuo
Price 200€ 99€
DAW FL Studio
Project Not for sale
Genres Techno
BPM 130
Info Techno ghost production.


Mastered version
Unmastered version (mixdown)
All Stem files (.wav)

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