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Olivier started producing on a commercial/professional level back in 2014. Since then he has gained invaluable experience trough working with some of the best producers in his field. He has released many succesful EP's under his own name and even more as a ghost producer for known and lesser known artists. Olivier's talent lies in the ability to translate the clients vision correctly. This way artists that use his service will be sure they have their own musical identity even though they did not make the track themselves. His style is very diverse and includes genres such as: Techno, Tech-house, Deep house. House, Afro house, Big room house and G house. <br><br>Oliviers studio: Favourite DAWS: Ableton Live + FL studio 10. Software: All U-he plugins. Komplete 10 + the new modular reaktor 6. (and there is so much more)<br>Hardware: Moog MS-20 + Juno 106 + Revox Tape Deck<br>Sound: Focusrite interface x JBL LSR305 including sub system

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Greenlit tech house
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Pelican Bay techno