Make It™

From Edmwarriors
& Mixmag

We’re challenging the world’s dance music producers to showcase their creativity and grab the chance to get featured on Mixmag as the winner of the biggest production contest in the electronic music industry. Starting off strong with the first out of a total of 4 challenges from Make It: House.

How to participate in the Make it contest

Follow these steps to enter:

  • 1 Follow @edmwarriors & @mixmag
  • 2 Download any of the free stems taken from 3 tracks provided by Edmwarriors
  • 3 Utilize the sound elements of your choice to create an original track
  • 4

    Get creative and surprise us with a track of the House genre or any of its sub-genres

We help you get started

We will provide you with the stem pack of three Edmwarriors tracks. Use it as you wish; you can take just one shot, a bar, or even go for the whole stem to kickstart your track. The challenge here is to be creative. Let’s see what you’ve got.

4 rounds, 4 chances

House, is the chosen genre for the first round

  1. Round 1

    House challenge

  2. Round 2

    Techno challenge

  3. Round 3

    Bass challenge

  4. Round 4

    Melodic House/Techno challenge