Why become a ghost producer?

There is a lot of information on the internet about the advantages of being a ghost producer, since ghost production is an activity that brings a lot to talk about, you can find many blogs writing about it or youtubers as XDizzle giving their point of view.

If you have ever asked yourself if you should become a ghost producer and why, here are a number of answers and examples that will most probably help you with that.

1. The first thing to consider is that ghost producing is a surprisingly stable source of income. Many ghost producers manage to earn enough money for a living while doing so and what is more, you can also do ghost production to gain valuable experience, if you are starting out as a producer or just finding your way in your artistic career.

 2. As a ghost producer you can also create and sell music at your own pace. You will not have any contracts obligating you produce a track every month, as many artists and producers signed to a label will most probably do. Instead you can make music whenever you feel like it, from the comfort of your own home or studio, dictating your own production pace and without having to worry about meeting deadlines to submit your tracks.

3. This way you have the chance to completely focus on your craft and make sure you are perfectly happy with every aspect of your productions before having to submit them.

4. What is more, not every musician strives to become a well known celebrity, as some of them do not have the ability to handle fame and the pressure that comes with it, and thus choose to remain behind the scenes. A ghost producer never has to face the stress that comes from being a touring DJ, or has to deal with fan expectations, regarding the genre or types of tracks they produce. It is actually quite the opposite, as a ghost producer has the complete freedom to create any genre track he wishes to.

5. At the same time you make money by ghost producing, you can still release your favourite tracks under your name for your own artistic career with total freedom.

Some of our best-known ghost producers give us their perspective on why they decided to become ghost producers:

I became a ghost producer because I was tired of working with labels and I wanted to release whatever I liked but also make a good earning out of it.

My style as an artist who releases his own music is usually Deep House, and because I enjoy making all kinds of music genres & styles, I find ghost production a perfect fit for me.

I became a ghost producer for several issues, but the biggest one of all was because I took more pleasure in creating songs for other people than for myself. Get the person to earn their space in the scene and help their career progress.

One of the main reasons I became a ghost producer is due to my love of producing music and a variety of genres within EDM. Before ghost producing I would often write many tracks that wouldn’t exactly fit what I was releasing as an artist and they would end up sitting on my hard drive on my computer. Now with ghost producing and a platform like EDMWarriors, I can produce whatever genre is inspiring me at the time and it can find a home with someone else that likes it.

Well there are different reasons. The main reason is the fact I don't want to release music myself yet! This is because I haven't really found my own style yet and I believe ghost producing is a great way to figure out where your interests are within producing. Besides that, ghost production is also a good and fun way to earn some extra money!

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Jan 13 2021
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