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Why become a ghost producer?

Recently, Mixmag listed My Ghost Market as the best option to buy and sell ghost produced music, as well as pointing out how Edmwarriors works: a place where innovation, quality, and care for our producers is the main focus.

There have been many discussions on the internet as to what a ghost producer is and what role they play in the world of electronic music. Since it’s an activity that brings lots of discussion to itself, many artists in the online EDM community have given their point of view on it, such as YouTuber XDizzle:

Become a ghost pro, present your music to a wider audience

How can you present your music to an audience if ghost-producing is by its nature anonymous? When using platforms like Edmwarriors you create a catalog of the tracks you can sell that can act as your portfolio. And if you work hard enough and master your craft, you will get the reputation of being a reliable professional, which will in turn gain exposure towards your ghost-producing and personal work. Building a network of satisfied collaborators can also allow you…

To have a stable source of income

Becoming a ghost producer is a surprisingly stable source of income and many manage to earn enough to make a living doing so. Since ghost producing is a form of freelance there is no standard monthly salary, instead you get paid per sold track or per custom commission. Here’s a helpful guide to the approximate amounts that tracks sell for on Edmwarriors:

  • Basic level ≈ 150 - 300€

  • Intermediate ≈ 300 - 600€

  • Advanced ≈ 600 - 1500€

  • Premium ≈ 1500 - 10.000€

As is the case with any other craft, the more experience you get, the more you can raise your fees. Doing ghost production can also gain you valuable experience, if you are taking your first steps in becoming a ghost producer. And since ghost producing is freelance, you have the luxury…

To make music at your own pace

One of the great reasons why you should become a ghost producer is that you can make and sell your music at your own pace. You won’t have to comply with the contractual obligations that most other musicians and producers have to. You can dictate the pace of your production and not have to release a project you think is unworthy or not finished, nor will you have to worry about any deadlines.

You can also work from anywhere in the world. Modern music production is extremely mobile and versatile and doesn't require you to be in a professional studio that costs a ton of money. You can work from the comfort of your own home in your slippers. This, of course, doesn’t make you isolated – you can still collaborate with artists and earn money from your work through the net.

Becoming a ghost producer also means you don't have to worry about unwanted attention. Not every producer strives to become a celebrity, because they don’t want to deal with the pressure and press that comes with that role. You also won’t have to deal with the expectations of fans who can sometimes be very critical of musicians who step outside the style they are known for, thus binding them creatively.

Lastly, while ghost-producing music for others, you can still release your favorite tracks under your own name and build your own style and artistic career. Since ghost production is an anonymous endeavor, you will likely be commissioned to produce tracks in different styles for different artists, but this will not affect your personal brand. Speaking of other artists, ghost producing music can give you the chance…

To collaborate with talented people

Working as a ghost producer can offer you the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of artists working in different genres, each having their own specific style. Another reason why you should become a ghost producer is that it can not only help weave a colorful network of talented people around you, but will definitely expose you to new audiences and fans, helping to expand your reach. 

Having a professional and creative environment where you can work with talented artists can help you to sustain your artistic charge by bringing fresh ideas, as people from different musical backgrounds share their personal approaches. Say you get hired by a DJ to produce a ghost track for their next live set and they want you to create a beat or another musical element that is outside your comfort zone. Instead of shying away from that, you should rise to the challenge and see it as a learning opportunity. This is another reason why becoming a ghost producer can be beneficial because it can help you…

To develop versatile skills

Working with artists from different genres can also help you expand your practical skills, as different styles require different approaches and sounds. This can bring you into creative challenges, but don’t shy away from them – sometimes being in a box can force you to find smart and innovative workarounds that can result in some of your most striking work.

Some of the most innovative and exciting music of the last hundred years has been born out of the bold fusion of different elements. Keep that in mind next time you find yourself in a musical hurdle along your journey as a ghost producer. Every new skill, approach or know-how you develop from collaborating with different artists becomes an integral part of your toolkit that can serve to make your future work even better!

In the words of Edmwarriors’ ghost producers

Some of the best-known music producers on Edmwarriors have us their perspective on why they decided to get into ghost producing:

I became a ghost producer because I was tired of working with labels and I wanted to release whatever I liked but also make a good earning out of it.

My style as an artist who releases his own music is usually Deep House, and because I enjoy making all kinds of music genres & styles, I find ghost production a perfect fit for me.

I became a ghost producer for several issues, but the biggest one of all was because I took more pleasure in creating songs for other people than for myself. Get the person to earn their space in the scene and help their career progress.

One of the main reasons I became a ghost producer is due to my love of producing music and a variety of genres within EDM. Before ghost producing I would often write many tracks that wouldn’t exactly fit what I was releasing as an artist and they would end up sitting on my hard drive on my computer. Now with ghost producing and a platform like EDMWarriors, I can produce whatever genre is inspiring me at the time and it can find a home with someone else that likes it.

Well there are different reasons. The main reason is the fact I don't want to release music myself yet! This is because I haven't really found my own style yet and I believe ghost producing is a great way to figure out where your interests are within producing. Besides that, ghost production is also a good and fun way to earn some extra money!

Frequently asked questions:

Q:Can you earn a living as a ghost producer?

A:Yes you can. Experienced ghost producers can make a fair amount of money from both ready-made tracks they sell, as well as custom commissions.

Q:Do I need to hire a professional studio to ghost produce music?

A:You can ghost produce music in your own home studio, which you can build without breaking the bank.

Q:Can I collaborate with different artists as a ghost producer?

A:Yes! Commissions and collaborators play a huge role in ghost-produced music, as not all tracks you get money from will be just the ones you've put up for sale. DJs and other artists will approach you to make music especially for them.

Jan 13 2021
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