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Where can you find a ghost producer?

Ok, let’s say you have already decided to spend some cash on getting the perfect ghost produced track for your needs, but where should you look for it? In most general terms you have three options/types of places where you can start searching for your next big EDM hit: general freelancing platforms (one example being Fiverr), contacting producers directly via social media such as Facebook or Instagram, or using specialised ghost production platforms such as Edmwarriors.

1. Now let us review all of the options above, starting with the general freelancing platforms. Such websites would only be suitable if you are working with an extremely limited budget and want the most affordable option in the shortest period of time. You should however, keep in mind that the quality control is not necessarily as tight as it should be so you could easily feel that you have not spent your money in the best way. Also since we are not talking about specialised platforms, there is no one checking if the track you receive is not made fully with royalty free loops or if it does not contain copyrighted material.

In the video below you can see a comparison between differently priced ghost produced tracks from one of the general freelancing platforms out there:

2. If searching for ghost produced tracks on general websites is not your thing, you can always try and directly contact already established producers on social media platforms. Here you might have the luck of finding somebody really good who can help you achieve the sound you are looking for. However, be alert that some of those producers are not working together with lawyers or consultants and are not able to provide fully exclusive contracts and therefore you risk spending your money on something that would bring you legal issues.

3. Finally you do have the option, which is the most professional way to go in our opinion, to look for tracks on specialised ghost production platforms, where contracts and music quality are strictly regulated by a full team of employees. Platforms like Edmwarriors can offer you an extensive catalog of already made tracks for you to choose, as well as the option to purchase a custom made track that better suits your taste.

Using specialised platforms gets you covered on the legal side, since they have a team of lawyers who are specialising in rights transfer contracts (for more detailed info you can check our legal terms and contracts here).

Ghost production platforms also have a much tighter quality control which means that every track that gets uploaded is carefully checked by a full team, and therefore clients do not risk getting scammed by random producers or getting a track full of copyrighted sounds. There is also an established customer support system, in case the client has questions or requests edits on the purchased tracks.

May 12 2021
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