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Where can you find a ghost producer?

The internet is a vast place and finding a ghost producer may be challenging if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, they don’t hang around in haunted castles, so here are a few different options to find one:

General freelancing platforms

These are websites, where freelancers can sell their services. They typically include a plethora of different fields, from painters and graphic designers, film editors and colorists, to musicians and, of course, music producers. While you can definitely find ghost producers there, such websites would only be suitable if you are working on an extremely tight budget and want the most affordable option in the shortest period of time.

You should also keep in mind that the quality control is not necessarily as tight as it should be on a dedicated ghost production marketplace, so you could easily feel that you have not spent your money in the best way. Also, since we are not talking about specialized platforms, there is no one checking if the track you receive is not made fully with royalty free loops or if it does not contain copyrighted material.

Social media platforms

Even though they aren’t special ghost production sites, social media is where you can find many ghost producers promoting their services on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. If you are the initiative type, you can always message some of them directly and request them to create a ghost produced track for your next live set. You might have the luck of finding someone who’s really skilled and can help you achieve the distinctive sound you are looking for.

However, be alert that most of those producers are not working together with lawyers or consultants and would not be able to provide fully exclusive contracts and therefore you risk spending your money on something that would bring you legal issues. Without the structure of a specialized platform that has rules and regulations made by people with an understanding of the ghost producing field, the chances that either party will not fulfill their obligations increases. 

Other places to find ghost producers include music production forums, which can be useful for finding a ghost producer because they are online communities where producers, artists, and music enthusiasts come together to share ideas, ask for advice, and collaborate. There are many forums dedicated to music production and finding ghost producers, and they can be a great place to connect with other artists who are looking to collaborate.

There, you can post your requirements for a ghost producer, including the type of music you want them to produce, your budget, and the level of experience you require. You can also browse to find others who offer their services as ghost producers. Some forums also have dedicated sections for advertising music production services, where you can post your requirements and get responses from interested producers.

Ghost production platforms

The final option you have is to find a ghost production marketplace, like Edmwarriors, which is a specialized platform, where contracts and music quality are strictly regulated by a full team of employees. These platforms provide clear benefits to those looking to buy ghost produced music, as well as those who want to sell theirs:

Clear legal contracts 

Using dedicated platforms gets you covered on the legal aspects of ghost producing music for someone else, since they have a team of lawyers who specialize in contracts for the transfer of rights (for more detailed information you can read the legal terms and contracts of Edmwarriors). Because ghost producers give away the full rights of the tracks they have made to the people who’ve bought them, this needs to be reflected in the terms and conditions of the platform. 

The aspects of collaboration are also made clear by them. These include how much you need to pay the producer in advance, what the deadlines of the project are, and any other specific aspect that the platform deems necessary to write out, so everyone is satisfied by its use. The contract should include a confidentiality clause (NDA) that ensures the buyer's privacy and prevents the seller from disclosing any information related to the production, including the buyer's identity.

Established quality control

The best ghost production platforms also have a much tighter quality control which means that every track that gets uploaded is carefully checked by a full team, and therefore clients do not risk getting scammed by random producers or getting a track full of copyrighted sounds. There is also an established customer support system, in case the client has questions or requests edits on the purchased tracks.

There is also an established standard as to what is included when you buy or commission a custom track. This includes the project file (DAWs vary by producer) and its stems, the master track and mp3 mixdown. The files are also delivered in a professional uncompressed file format, so there is no loss of quality. This also gives them the versatility to be used in multiple ways to fit the needs of the buyer.

Specialized platforms for ghost-producing also usually have a screening process for producers who want to sell their music on the platform. This process may involve submitting samples of their work for review, as well as verifying their identity and credentials. Some platforms have a team of in-house producers who can provide feedback and assistance to the sellers to improve the quality of their music.

Review of producers’ portfolio

The best ghost production platforms can offer you an extensive catalog of ready-made tracks which you can browse, as well as the option to commission a ghost producer to make a custom track that better suits your taste and style. For example, if you need a deep house track for your next set, you can find a producer who’s best work is in that sub-genre. You can also pick one producer and browse through their portfolio and listen to their work, which too will help you decide if they are the right fit for your needs.

Another thing that you can do to determine if a ghost producer has a reliable reputation is to check out their rating, which only the best ghost production sites allow you to do. You can read referrals left by others who’ve worked with or bought tracks from the producer, which will give you a first hand experience as to what the collaboration will be like. All of this can help you gather information for the producers on the ghost production platform, as you don’t want to commit to and spend money on a collaboration that may not be fruitful in the end.

Find the best EDM ghost producers on Edmwarriors

Edmwarriors leads among the best ghost production platforms on the web. Behind us is a team of stellar professional EDM music producers that can help you meet your needs for fresh and exclusive tracks that you can drop on your next live set. On our platform you can both buy and sell ready-made or custom EDM tracks in a wide variety of sub-genres that will suit even the most specific tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can I find ghost music producers online?

A: You can find ghost producers on social media, music production forums and specialized platforms like Edmwarriors

Q: What do the best ghost production platforms offer?

A: Some of their many benefits are: a safe environment, where buyer and seller can fulfill their obligations; the ability to browse a producer's portfolio; the guarantee of a high quality track that meets professional standards.

Q: Can I talk to the ghost producers directly on Edmwarriors?

A: Yes! Edmwarriors has a chat system that is there to make the collaboration with the ghost producers that much easier.

May 12 2021
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