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The Best Software to Make EDM Music For Beginners and Pros

For makers of EDM picking the right digital audio workstation (DAW) is like picking the musical instrument that’s perfect for you. It must be intuitive, convenient and comfortable. Most of all, you should feel like you are working with the DAW and not against it, as this can take the joy out of your artistic process. 

With the help of Edmwarriors, here you can read all about the best EDM making software that you can use to get started making your hits. Remember, with artistic tools there’s rarely one right answer. Trial and error is the best metric in picking any software, plug in or instrument. So, build your experience and try them out yourself.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is the go-to choice for electronic music producers because it has one unique feature – the DAW can also be used as a tool for live sets. With it DJs can create live tracks and remixes.

One of the notable advantages that makes it among the best EDM software is its workflow. Its session view allows for non-linear composition and improvisation, enabling you to experiment with different ideas and arrange them on the fly.

Two views, one comprehensive DAW

The arrangement view, on the other hand, provides a traditional linear timeline for precise editing and fine-tuning of your EDM tracks. The combination of these views makes it easy to explore and develop ideas, perfect for the creative process in EDM production.

Ableton Live's versatile audio manipulation and MIDI capabilities are another reason why it's one of the best EDM software packages. It offers powerful tools for time-stretching, warping, and slicing audio, allowing you to manipulate samples, loops, and recorded material with ease.

FL Studio

FL Studio is known for being one of the first home computer DAWs and is among the best EDM software one can get. The software includes a wide array of virtual instruments, synthesizers, and effects that cater to the diverse needs of electronic music production.

From powerful synths for creating cutting-edge sounds to high-quality effects that add depth and character, FL Studio provides a comprehensive toolkit for crafting professional tracks.

Easily edit MIDI to create unique sounds

Another significant feature of FL Studio is its comprehensive piano roll editor. It allows for precise MIDI editing and manipulation, making it easy to create melodic lines, chord progressions, and intricate musical arrangements. The piano roll's advanced features, such as note event editing, automation, and chord presets, give users a high degree of control over their compositions. This allows both beginners and pros to experiment and create phenomenal sounds, and makes FL Studio one of the best EDM softwares that you can buy.

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is a professional-grade DAW developed by Apple and is exclusively available for macOS. It has gained a reputation as a powerful tool for all sorts of music production across various genres. It’s also one of the best EDM softwares you can buy.

Full of digital instruments and possibilities for creativity

Logic Pro comes bundled with an impressive collection of synths, samplers, drum machines, and other electronic instruments that are well-suited for creating EDM sounds. It also offers a wide range of high-quality effects, including reverbs, delays, distortions, and modulation processors, enabling you to sculpt your EDM tracks with precision and depth. If you are an Apple user and want to get into studio-quality music making, then Logic is for you, as it’s among the best EDM software packages for pros.

GarageBand: a free EDM software for Mac users

GarageBand offers music makers a unique opportunity – it’s a DAW that is one of the best free EDM software that is great for beginners and is also filled to the brim with amazing features. Think of it as a little sibling to Logic Pro, that has a lot of its tools, but without the cost.

GarageBand is available for free on macOS and iOS devices. While it’s often associated with beginner-level music production, it offers an impressive range of features that make it a great choice for those who need the best EDM software and want to learn the craft of production.

GarageBand is stacked with virtual amps and instruments

One of the standout advantages of GarageBand is its user-friendly interface. It provides a clean and intuitive workspace, making it accessible to users of all experience levels. Whether you're arranging loops, composing melodies, or adjusting effects, GarageBand provides a seamless and enjoyable experience.

And now for the best part: comes bundled with an extensive library of loops, virtual instruments, and high-quality sound presets, which is a significant advantage for novice producers. This feature is probably what makes it the best free EDM software for beginners. Its library contains a wide range of electronic and dance-oriented loops that can serve as a solid foundation for building EDM tracks. The virtual instruments included in GarageBand cover a variety of electronic sounds, such as synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers, allowing you to create and experiment with different EDM styles and textures.

Cakewalk: a free EDM software for beginners

Cakewalk stands out as one of the best free EDM software for beginners due to its combination of professional-level features and user-friendly interface. Like any worthwhile DAW, it offers flexible MIDI editing, virtual instruments, effects, and a range of features specifically tailored for electronic music production. Some of these include the Loop Construction View and the ProChannel Console Strip. Anyone using Cakewalk can create stunning EDM tracks with ease, and its inclusion of Melodyne Essential adds further value for vocal and melodic processing.

A great way to begin your EDM journey 

Cakewalk by BandLab offers a plethora of professional-level features that make it an excellent free EDM software. With advanced MIDI and audio editing capabilities, a variety of virtual instruments, and a flexible mixing environment, the DAW equips you with the tools necessary to create intricate EDM tracks with precision and control. Shaping melodies, tweaking drum patterns, or fine-tuning intricate details can be done with ease, especially if you are just starting out in making music.

One of the standout features of Cakewalk is its user-friendly interface. Navigating it is intuitive, and the layout is designed to optimize your workflow. This streamlined approach enables you to easily access and manage different aspects of your project, and focus on the creative process rather than getting lost in complex menus and options. Cakewalk is a great alternative for GarageBand, as it is Windows compatible. This is another reason why it’s one of the best free EDM softwares available today.

Feb 6 2024
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