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Introducing My Ghost Market v.3

We recently released the update v.3 of My Ghost Market an improved version of our site, take a look at the news:

New products:

Introducing EDMwarriors, Piratebeats y Ghostloops.

EDMwarriors is the website that you all know (formerly The largest buy and sell ghost producing platform with ready made tracks and custom tracks services, with new design and implementations.

Piratebeats is the first ghost producing platform dedicated exclusively to (ghost) beats. Perfect place for artists, singers, producers or DJs looking for exclusive instrumentals for their songs.

Ghostloops is a new platform based on a revolutionary modular ghost production through exclusive (ghost) loops. Make original songs from scratch or get amazing arrangement for your compositions.

New branding:

New naming and brand image, new names, domains and brands for our three products, included under our main brand and website My Ghost Market, in an effort to structure our brands and connect them better.

Design and UX:

New and incredible design and user experience. Now the experience on our website is more comfortable. Browse the store, the dashboard, buy products, upload products... Now everything is much simple and visual.

New security system:

We have increased our security protocol, all our sellers have to verify his account with his passport and ID, through a convenient automatic process through the website. In addition, signing contracts is also done automatically through the platform once the product is sold and the seller account is verified.


Now the sellers can edit their products themselves from their own account at any time: names, files, art covers, prices …

24/7 support:

We have increased our support team and thus improved our customer service.

We are currently in BETA version as there are still many aspects that can be improved, and that is why we continue to work hard on our site and in the ghost producing industry.

Apr 19 2019
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Edmwarriors Team