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How to choose a ghost production platform to sell tracks on?

Okay, let's say you have already decided to take the ghost production career path, now how do you pick a platform, out of the many available on the internet, to sell your tracks on? Nowadays there are countless online ghost production marketplaces, but how can you know which ones are legit and good for you to upload tracks?

First of all, a clear indication if a ghost production platform is legit would be the display of terms and services on their website. Good platforms will give you the option to read their terms before registering and uploading tracks, while more questionable ghost production websites will not have their terms and conditions on display and this means those sites are not safe to use.

Next you will have to decide if you are satisfied with the conditions the platform offers. For example:

- Are you satisfied with the price range for ghost production the site offers?

- Are the track revision times ok for you?

- Are you happy with the commission the ghost production platform takes?

If you have a positive answer to these and all other potential questions you may have, then the ghost production platform is good for you and you can now start uploading and selling tracks.

To help you with this choice we have asked our top producers what they most like about our platform “Edmwarriors” Here is what they had to say:

I think the best part about Edmwarriors is how easy and accessible it is to get started and start uploading tracks. The whole website is very user friendly and having the combination of being able to have your own profile and store on the website, as well as being able to be contacted for custom projects was a big plus for me.

“The efficiency that the site has, the various options that you propose, both from music, to loops, beats, private service. For me, by far it is the best company in the market today for Ghost Producing.”

“In the beginning, what attracted me the most was the website design, a clean and very intuitive page, the second without a doubt is transparency and professionalism.”

“I like it because you are the only ones who give the producers the power to choose the prices without limiting us, you also have great buyer traffic & excellent customer service which is fantastic for us as well.“

Currently, our platform Edmwarriors has registered the highest online customer traffic and also provides modern and friendly design and user experience and good and fast support. We are also the only ghost production platform that specialises in custom production orders with features like cloud implemented system to share files and chat options. You can see more info by clicking here.

Jun 2 2021
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