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How much can you earn selling ghost production?

Many artists become ghost producers because it can bring them an extra flow of cash, or even be their main source of income. But how much you can earn as a ghost producer can depend on a few different things, including your skill and the demand for your work. But first, let’s get a few things out of the way:

What is a ghost producer?

If you want to make money selling ghost-produced music, first you need to know what a ghost producer is and what they do. A ghost producer is someone who produces music for DJs and artists, without receiving credit for it. After they sell a track they’ve created, the buyer gets full copyright of the work – they get to put their name on it, as well as use it as they see fit and get all royalties from it. This is a major way in which it differs from typical production. You can also view ghost producing as a form of freelancing, where you make money track by track.

How do you become a ghost producer?

Creating music has never been easier for aspiring and independent artists – anyone can roll up their sleeves and get down to work expressing themselves through music. If you want to learn how to become a ghost producer, you really just need to know a bit of musical knowledge, like how chords work and which Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) will be best suitable for your process and genre, as programs like Ableton Live can also function as a instrument for live gigs.

Another important element is understanding the basics of modern digital music production, such as mixing and mastering, which are integral not only for giving your tracks a kick, but also for delivering a ready-to-use product to your clients. The more skills a musician has, the more versatile they are and that makes them more flexible and valuable as collaborators.

You will also need a few basic pieces of equipment to get you started, such as a MIDI controller (to play your virtual instruments on), a microphone and an audio interface with which to connect it to your DAW. And, of course, by learning how to ghost produce EDM music you can make money from the comfort of your own home studio.

How much do ghost producers make?

While a lot of ghost producers can make a comfortable living collaborating with artists and selling their tracks, this may not always be the case for those just starting up. When you are a novice, you lack the experience, skills and reputation that are extremely beneficial to all working artists, but just like every other craft, you can set yourself on an upward trajectory by keeping in mind a few different factors:

What your skill level is

Artists who are just starting out in any field need to hone their skills to master their craft. With ghost producing it’s exactly the same – the price you set for your tracks should depend on what your experience and skill levels are. Both are not plentiful at the beginning, but never let that discourage you! Valuable information is abundant on the internet and you can use it to get better at producing step by step.

As you become more technically proficient and gain experience, your work will start to reflect that, by becoming bolder and more expressive. This will be the confidence boost that drives all artists, and will in turn give you the opportunity to set your prices higher, knowing that you can deliver a great product. It’s also important to note that you should never undersell yourself, since you’ve put both time and effort into your work.

How many tracks you’ve sold

It is important to know that all online ghost production platforms take a commission, in the form of a percentage of the earnings your track generates. The size of this commission is usually determined by the number of tracks you have sold – the more tracks you sell, the smaller commission your platform takes. For example on our platform Edmwarriors, new producers start taking 65% of their track earnings, but as they progress this percentage can go up to 80.

One thing that needs to be said is that the price of a ghost-produced track has a direct link to the overall quality of the track, as really good produced tracks can normally be sold at a large price. Another thing that determines how much you can sell a track for is the time and effort you’ve spent making it. Sometimes artists will approach you with custom commissions, where you may be asked to finish already started projects, or even create them completely from the ground up. 

In this case, you will be creating all the elements yourself, from the beat, bassline and harmony, all the way down to the final mix and master polish. You might even need to record custom vocals or samples for it. When you ghost produce an entirely original piece of work, the length of time it takes to create it, as well as its complexity are increased. In this case you can definitely ask for money for it, since that takes much more time and effort than just modifying or finishing someone else’s work. 

Do you need vocals for your next hit, but don’t have a place to record them? We’ve got you covered – you can buy exclusive acapella vocal tracks from Edm warriors and get full rights over them!

What your reputation is

An artist’s reputation is important in any field including in the world of ghost production. But how can you have a reputation if ghost producing is by its nature anonymous? Well, even though the people listening to your music don’t know it’s made by you, since there’s a different name slapped on it, the people who you collaborate with and those who buy your tracks do know you. This is where your reputation plays a key role.

If you prove yourself as a professional who is reliable and easy to work with (and maybe possess a sense of humor), this will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your career, people are more inclined to work with someone they know will come through and will work with them on any feedback and revisions they might have as a client.

Being able to communicate clearly is not only beneficial to the process of artistic collaboration, where the artist you are ghost producing for can have some specific musical ideas they want you to realize, but it also comes in handy at the business side as well. Since music making is a craft and requires skill, you need to be able to effectively negotiate all the elements of the project, including your fee, the deadline and details like mixes, project files and stems.

What is the demand for your services

When you first start out, you will definitely need to do some heavy lifting for your career, since you won’t be a known name in the field of ghost-produced EDM. In time, of course, this will gradually change. As you gain more experience and build a network around yourself, you can start to earn more money as a ghost producer, because you will be able to do it on your own terms.

As you work, the number of commissions you receive will increase, which will give you less free time. Then you can not only work for a higher price, but can also pick both your projects and the people you collaborate with, which is a luxury only experience can bring. And as you gain exclusivity, more people will in turn want to work with you. While you may work on fewer projects, the money you can make ghost producing them will compensate for that amount.

Your marketing will also become easier, since the flow of people who know you will increase as your professional circle expands. As the number of artists you’ve worked with increases, so will the number of potential new collaborators they will bring to you.

Earn money by selling your ghost produced tracks on Edmwarriors

Finally, we asked some of the best producers on our platform if the money they make from selling ghost production is enough for a decent living. Here is what they had to say:

“As of being one of the youngest top sellers on the platform, being only 17-years-old, I definitely can't complain! Selling over 20+ tracks gave me the opportunity to go from a simple pc setup to a home-studio within 6 months. I believe if you fully commit to ghost producing, and when you have the skill, you can make a super fair living out of it.”

“Yes, thanks to ghost productions I’ve been able to earn a decent living but in order to do that it’s important to be consistent and to keep the standards high”

“To be honest, due to the coronavirus pandemic, I've decided to produce as much as I can because I was home a lot. Today I can definitely say that it was a great decision and my hard work paid off!“

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do online ghost production platforms get a cut when I sell my work?

A: All online ghost production platforms get a commission from each track you sell. On Edmwarriors, new producers start taking 65%, but this can go up to 80% as they progress.

Q: What factors determine how much money I can make as a ghost producer?

A: There are a few factors, some of which include: your skill level, the demand for your work and the price at which you sell your tracks, to name a few.

Q: Can I generate a stable income by selling ghost production?

A: Yes, many seasoned ghost producers make their living doing just that. While those just starting can use it as a secondary income, they may not be able to fully support themselves by ghost producing alone in the beginning.

Apr 28 2021
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