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How can you overcome creative block as a music producer?

If you’re a music producer, you have most probably suffered from a creative block or will at some point in the future. To make things worse, creative blocks can be really destructive if your main source of income comes from your productions. 

The thing is creative blocks come in all levels of severity, from simple laziness to fundamental mindset problems. Therefore, it is very difficult to find a universal strategy to cope with these blocks and unfortunately  everybody needs to figure out for themselves what works best. There are however, some common solutions to this problem like for example taking a break from producing or simply trying to push through the block. Either way it is possible that these periods of time continue for a significantly long amount of time, but on the other hand it is equally as likely that they pass quickly.

To help more with ideas on how to effectively tackle creative blocks we have asked some of our top producers at Edmwarriors if they have ever experienced such uncreative periods and what they do when they happen:

“Of course, it happens quite often. I overcome it by listening to music, or just taking a small break in general. Just get your mind off your music and do something fun. Maybe try out a new genre. What works for me, doesn't necessarily work for anyone else.”

“Of course, many people experience a creative crisis, I take a break from work and go to nature with friends and family, rest helps to restore strength and put my thoughts in order”

“All the time, it's part of the process. Once I used to just stop making music and did something else, like going outside and such, but that is now wrong for me: I just work through it. If I have no ideas for a track, even just starting a new project and laying down a groove causes a chain reaction of ideas and the block goes away. If I stop making music at the moment I feel as if the block wins the battle.”

“Yes, all the time, especially during the pandemic. My inspiration comes from the dance floor. I always feel inspired after visiting big artists' shows which I haven't been able to do for more than a year now. Not forcing yourself to make music also works, just take breaks, as much as you need, try to do other stuff, and listen to music you like from other artists, this is my way to face not feeling creative.”

“Creative blocks occur one time per month. The main reason for such a situation is that I forget what the “rest” is. When I create music during this period it seems like I can’t do something new and unique again. I think it’s observed mostly because I don’t understand where my ideas and inspiration come from. So every time I’m nervous about starting a new project. Concerning block overcoming, doing custom tracks helps very well, because then I listen to music not as a creator, but as a customer. Besides, I have identified for myself several ways to easily overcome creative blocks - they are meditation, holotropic breathing, chill time with loved ones, fishing and a good sleep.”

Jul 5 2021
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