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Multi-genre producer Advide, aka Valery Ryabtsev, creates carefully thought-out and diverse music that ranges from energetic and upbeat to deep and calmer vibes. He became interested in writing music at the age of 16, but fully decided to devote his life to his artistry some years later. Since then, he has learned to share his feelings and emotions through music, while utilizing a laptop, samples and software to create the sounds of his inner world, turning them into art for the outside. Today, Advide works in various fields of the music industry, the main ones being “Ghost Production” and “Background Music.” He has also released several singles on labels such as, “Magic Records,” “Deep Universe,” “Chill Trap Records“ and “CloudKid“.

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Premium · 800€ · 120 BPM · Future pop, Future house, Electro House
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Premium · 525€ 750€ · 156 BPM · Future bass, Trap
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Premium · 900€ · 110 BPM · Future bass, Trap, Future pop
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Favorite · 350€ 500€ · 86 BPM · Future bass, Trap