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Producer located in Amsterdam with his own studio in the World famous Wisseloord Studios, here to deliver only high quality productions!

What's great about our service

  • - You only have to pay the 50% in advance.
  • - The first milestone will be release if the producers has been upload the master mp3.
  • - You only have to pay the second payment when you're 100% satisfied with the master mp3.
  • - We're always here to help. Our support consists of real people who are available 24/7.
  • - You can live chat with your producers to get constant updates on the progress of your work.

Basic service

  • In my studio in the Netherlands that is fully equipped with an SSL Console and a high quality Audio System by Adam I am able to deliver you a track that is worth it´s money and your next big release!
  • Delivery time: 7 days for the master + 5 days each revision
  • Master mp3
  • Master wav
  • Mixdown
  • Stems

Additional services

  • Mixing & Mastering (+3 days)


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